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Stainless Steel Parts(SSP)

Stainless Steel Parts(SSP) In small appliances, the heater is used to heat the food in the container, such as water, juice, milk, etc. The heater and the food container are integrated, so in order to facilitate the customer, we have established a new department SSP.

1. Container material: food grade 304, 316L

2. Shape: flat, barrel, square, shaped

3. Thickness: 0.8-2.0mm (Special size, can be customized)

4. Production process: metal stamping, CNC, welding, polishing, etc.

5. Surface treatment: wire drawing, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing

6. Welding process: laser welding, argon arc welding

7. Test method: 100% full inspection seal pressurization test to prevent water leakage


stainless steel parts

stainless steel heating bucket


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