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Thick Film Heater(TFH)

Thick-Film  Heater(FTH) on stainless steel is a new type of heating device that is printed on stainless steel substrate by using a thick-film screen printing process to print insulating materials, heating resistors, conductors, glass protective glazes, etc., and is applied to home appliances, instruments, etc.

 Product Features

The element is on a flat sheet thus ensure significantly better heat transfer to flat wall as compared to tubular element
 Quick temperature rise time - energy savings
 Easy assembly and disassembly - cost savings
 Possible high surface load - tens of W/cm2
 Inner surface of heated vessel remain smooth and easily washable
 Very suitable for heating of aggressive liquids
 No need to discharge the vessel content during maintenance
 Heating through sufficiently large area may effectively prevent burning of content to the vessel surface
 Product Application
Home appliances, such as washing machines/dishwashers/electric kettles/electric water heaters,/coffee machines/water dispensers
Industrial equipment & industrial equipment/medical equipment/high temperature sterilization equipment
 Technical  Data

Technical  Data

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